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aaaaand, i'm home.
i think i had too much fun.
i miss this terribly.
[VERY few pics b/c there are just WAYYY too many to put on here.]
warning: pictures may be a little big

Salmon & Snake River, Idaho.

the kid shot at the anual family hawaiian shirt dinner.
Top-Bottom L-R : Mark[not related to me], Kenzie, Hannah, Danny, Katie, Me, Casey, Kiel

the most beautiful place in the world. absolutely breathtaking.

casey and dan getting out of the waterfall on the Snake River.

This is Casey>>>he makes me laugh...ALOT. :]]

Hell's Canyon >> boy was it HOT. 
this is Katie btw.


[Sorry its sideways...i cant figure out how to fix it on here..]
MAN that waterfall was FREEZING!!!

Lake Hamilton, Arkansas.

we got into a really vicious water fight


uncle peter was telling us a funny story.

theres many more pics but i dont want to bore you.
Ok well seeing as its 2 in the morning, im going to bed. call me!

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