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sooo. i'm going to go see X-Men 3.
Underline the month of your birthday:
January: I had fun dancing with
February: I love glomping
March: I choked on
April: I pee on
May: With a spork, I stabbed
June: I threw a pebble at
July: I stepped on
August: For lunch, I ate
September: I drew a mustache on
October: I blew my nose on
November: I get hyper when I poke
December: For Christmas, I got

Underline the day you were born on:
1: a rotting cheese
2: a three eyed monster
3: a paper fan
4: your mom
5: burnt french fries
6: green oranges
7: a glue eating child
8: a bottle of sand
9: a talking monkey
10: my bare feet
11: an iPod
12: your poodle
13: Chuck Norris
14: a ripped stuffed animal
15: a bloody sponge
16: a dancing pickle
17: your mom
18: a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
19: Taylor Hicks
20: an injured football player
21: a pink polkadot umbrella
22: my huge blister
23: instant noodles
24: the lunch lady's hairy mole
25: a slimy snail
26: Popeye's muscles
27: a pig's intestine
28: Squidward
29: a left slipper
30: last year's left over chicken
31: an old woman crossing the street

Underline the color of shirt you'e currently wearing:
White: because the voices told me so.
Black: because I'm a ninja.
Pink: because I'm sexy.
Red: because I'm PMSing.
Blue: because I could spell my ABCs.
Green: because horror movies make me cry.
Purple: because I have an ear infection.
Gray: because they stopped airing PPG.
Yellow: because I thought candles are made out of glue.
Orange: because we ran out of tissue rolls.

Result: I had fun dancing with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle because I'm sexy.


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